Conner & Associates, Attorneys at Law.



Business & Civil Litigation Matters:

  • Breach of Contract/Franchiser Liability: Conner & Associates ("C&A") obtained a $2 million judgment in favor of a franchisee of a medical treatment facility. The judgment was obtained against both the medical facility franchiser and the individual doctor involved in the structuring of the franchise agreement. In this matter, C&A took over the case prior to trial from previous attorneys who had been unsuccessful in obtaining any relief for the plaintiff franchisee
  • Breach of Contract/Commercial: C&A represented a South Bay carpet manufacturer in a breach of contract action against a retailer for failure to pay for carpet that was ordered and installed. The contract called for binding arbitration, and C&A prevailed on all claims during a one-day arbitration and the client was awarded 100% of the amounts in dispute as well as attorneys’ fees.
  • Breach of Contract/Commercial Real Estate: C&A immediately filed an action and obtained injunctive relief on behalf of restaurant owners when the landlord improperly failed to make required repairs and attempted to evict the restaurateurs. On the day of trail, the defendants not only agreed to pay for all damages and amounts owed as had been alleged in the Complaint, but also reimbursed C&A’s clients for all attorneys’ fees.
  • Breach of Contract/Construction Defect: C&A successfully represented a major electrical contractor in connection with a multi-million dollar complex construction defect action involving improvements by IBM and reconstruction and at dozens of LAUSD schools, which resulted in a confidential settlement in favor of C&A’s client.
  • Intellectual Property/Misappropriation: In a complex litigation matter involving several parties and numerous cross-claims and legal theories, C&A secured a very substantial settlement from a well-known Hollywood couple and their related businesses, stemming from breach of contract and trade secret claims. In addition, C&A was able to simultaneously defend its client against claims of corporate mismanagement, negligence and fraud while also securing payment of their own attorneys' fees through related insurance actions, such that the client ultimately enjoyed the full amount of the settlement payment without payment of any attorneys' fees.
  • Breach of Contract/Retail Distribution: C&A is currently representing the distributor of software products and the provider of maintenance service package agreements in claims against the wholesaler.

Consumer Litigation Matters:



  • Consumer Debt/Negotiated Settlement: Prior to coming to C&A, client had been found liable in Superior Court for a judgment in excess of $100,000 to a hospital for ongoing medical treatment. C&A filed motions for relief from the judgment based upon improper prior representation, while simultaneously negotiating a settlement that ultimately required client to pay only 20% of the judgment which had been previously entered against him.
  • Consumer Fraud/Automobile Sale: C&A obtained a judgment on behalf of the purchaser of a used automobile, following a suit for breach of contract and violation of the Consumer Legal Remedies Act (“CLRA”). The dealer had repossessed the car, alleging incorrectly that the purchaser had failed to make his payments on time. The judgment resulted in not only a significant monetary payment to the plaintiff, but also compelled the automobile dealer to transfer complete ownership of the vehicle to plaintiff, even though plaintiff had made only four (4) of his scheduled forty-eight (48) payments. Prior to judgment, C&A was also able to recoup its attorneys’ fees by motions requiring payment from the attorneys for the defendant automobile dealer.
  • Consumer Fraud/Automobile Sale: C&A obtained a settlement on behalf of an individual who purchased a used 2006 Chrysler 300 automobile in an action against both the automobile dealer and financing company for fraud, breach of contract and claims under the CLRA. The settlement compelled the defendants to reimburse client for all payments made on the automobile, allowed client to keep the automobile free and clear, and required payments by defendants in excess of $50,000.
  • Consumer Fraud/Collection Services: C&A obtained a settlement following mediation in favor of a client of a company that provided child support collection services. The settlement was enforced even after the company declared bankruptcy.
  • Consumer Fraud/Telecommunications: C&A is currently representing a consumer in connection with an ongoing billing dispute and fraudulent charges made by a major telecommunications provider in connection with client's cellular telephone service.

Employment Litigation Matters


  • Employment Law/Unpaid Bonuses & Wages: C&A represented the Chief Operating Officer (“COO”) and Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) of a major brokerage firm in Northern California. C&A’s clients were long-time employees of the company who had been promised significant bonus monies upon the sale of the company, which was being structured in part by C&A’s clients. However, the company was not sold as planned. C&A filed suit against both the company and the CEO personally, alleging not only breach of contract but also Labor Code violations and fraud. The claims were mediated in San Francisco, and C&A obtained a confidential settlement that allowed the matter to be resolved to the parties’ satisfaction.
  • Employment Law/Misrepresentation: C&A prevailed in a jury trial representing an individual who relocated from Florida, based upon the oral promise of future employment at a medical facility that was being constructed at the UCLA campus. Due to construction problems, the opening of the facility was delayed for over 1 year. Following a month-long trial, the jury award included compensation for more than 1 ½ years' worth salary, based upon the initial promise, even though the individual was neither employed at the facility nor performed any services for the defendant company. Mr. Conner’s success in this case was highlighted in an issue of California Jury Verdicts.
  • Employment Law/Officer Liability: C&A successfully defended the subsidiary of a Chinese telecommunications corporation, as well as the individual officers, against claims by a former CFO for wage payments, fraud and violations under the California Labor Code. During the court trial of this action C&A was able to have all of the plaintiff’s claims dismissed and was awarded in excess of $75,000 for its defense of the claim.
  • Employment Law/Independent Contractor: C&A is currently representing an independent contractor who entered into a long-term exclusive agreement to provide continuing services for a medical products supplier. C&A is currently seeking damages in an amount in excess of $150,000, and this matter is set for trial in October 2007.
  • Employment/Sexual Harassment: We are currently representing a client who was employed by a major new car dealer in Manhattan Beach. C&A has filed claims against both the automobile dealer as well as the owner/operator and is seeking both compensatory and punitive damages. Pursuant to the client’s employment agreement, this matter is in the process being arbitrated before a retired Superior Court Judge.

Personal Injury Matters:



  • Medical Malpractice: C&A obtained a settlement, in excess of twice the amount of the client's initial demands, against a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon as the result of a failed breast reconstruction and augmentation procedure
  • Medical Malpractice: C&A successfully defended a psychiatrist against claims of malpractice and misdiagnoses.
  • Nurse Supervisor/Administrative Action: C&A represented a licensed nurse in connection with administrative proceedings following the death of an elderly patient at a medical facility that she supervised. C&A was able to have all disciplinary matters dismissed and C&A’s client was able to continue her profession without sanctions or reprimands.
  • Sexual Battery: Currently, C&A is prosecuting a civil action on behalf of a young lady who was wrongfully touched in an inappropriate manner.
  • Wrongful Death: In an action brought by the representatives of an individual who died while engaged in a scuba diving accident in Arizona, Mr. Conner prevailed on a motion for summary judgment on behalf of the event organizers. Despite the fact that all existing Court of Appeal authorities in Arizona precluded summary judgment on the issue of liability, Mr. Conner was able to prevail with an innovative and unique argument that has now been adopted and copied by other attorneys.

Real Estate Matters:



  • Real Estate/Fraud: C&A prevailed at trial on behalf of a mother and her youngest son against the eldest son in a property dispute that involved a family residence and trust property. The property had been left to the sons following the death of their father, but the eldest son obtained full title when the youngest son needed loan monies to help him relocate from New Orleans following hurricane Katrina. C&A prevailed in a court trial by establishing that the transfer was made under duress and obtained a court order re-instating the younger brother to title on the property and awarding monetary damages in excess of $250,000.
  • Real Estate/ Breach of Contract/Fraud: C&A successfully obtained judgments against 4 defendants in connection with the sale of a residential property. The judgments were awarded against not only the buyer of the property who breached the agreement, but also the escrow company, escrow officer and the buyer’s attorney, all of whom were involved in the transaction. C&A’s client received 100% of the funds that she had requested from the buyer, in addition to further damages that were awarded against the escrow company, escrow officer and attorney, and punitive damages in excess of $1 million.
  • Real Estate/Contractual: C&A recently negotiated a settlement agreement between potentially adverse owners of a multiple unit residential property in Redondo Beach, which allowed for the sale and development of the property to the benefit of all involved . The development netted C&A’s clients in excess of $4 million.
  • Real Estate/Transactional: C&A negotiated and arranged for the sale of a parcel of real property, worth in excess of $15 million, that had previously been used for heavy industrial purposes. As an attorney who has previously represented most all of the major oil companies, Mr. Conner was able to prepare the necessary documents to protect and indemnify the seller from any future liability for any environmental contamination at the site.
  • Construction Litigation/Residential: C&A recently negotiated a settlement on behalf of two South Bay residents against an Inland Empire developer and contractor regarding the construction of the clients’ second home. The settlement allowed the clients to proceed with construction with a new contractor without paying the prior developer and contractor for improper work and forced the contractor to assume all liability for past works, and further precluded any and all liens on the property.
  • Construction Litigation/Breach of Contract: C&A obtained a judgment in excess of $1.5 million on behalf of a Brazilian contractor for work performed in connection with a water treatment plant and works of public improvements in Orange County, California.
  • Construction Litigation/Breach of Contract: C&A successfully represented a major electrical contractor in connection with a multi-million dollar complex construction defect action involving improvements by IBM and reconstruction and at dozens of LAUSD schools, which resulted in a confidential settlement.
  • Construction Litigation/Breach of Contract: We are currently representing an ornamental steel fabricator in connection with a consolidated action involving multiple parties and actions stemming from a major reconstruction project at Fremont High School, commissioned by the LAUSD.

Slander & Defamation:



  • Slander/Defamation: C&A immediately filed suit and obtained injunctive relief on behalf of a recording engineer in the music industry upon discovering that the client was being defamed by e-mail and over the internet. In addition to immediately halting all defamatory comments against the client, C&A was able to force the defendant to pay monetary damages and issue a full and complete public apology.
  • Slander/Defamation: C&A is currently defending a claim of slander per se involving claims of criminal misconduct. In addition to C&A’s defense of the claims, C&A has filed a cross-complaint against the plaintiff seeking to establish the truth of the statements and the plaintiff’s improper motive, as well as damages for the plaintiff’s misconduct.

Miscellaneous Matters:



  • Legal Malpractice: C&A recently obtained a judgment against a client’s former attorney forcing the attorney to fully re-pay and indemnify the client, and to pay additional damages in excess of $75,000. The attorney was subsequently disbarred for, in part, his transgressions in handling our client’s case.